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Emily Catherine Schulze

A model who began her career at the age of fifteen in Los Angeles, California after shooting with SlickforceStudio.


Presently living in Boston, Massachusetts. She has collaborated with local artists such as Ellie Photography and Clemente Productions. At the age of seventeen, Emily walked in the first annual KBMFC fashion show. She has worked with artists across the United States such as Ryan Carville in New York where she shot Editorial and Catalog looks. Most recently Emily shot in El Matador beach with SlickforceStudio focusing mainly on swimwear. She is seen in Summers Magazine July issue and was a Northeast finalist in the Miss JetSet 2017 competition.

Emily is defined by her hard work ethic and pure love for the profession. She does not miss any opportunity to improve her artistry, appreciation, and skill, as well as the chance to communicate with other professionals. Fashion, Photography, and Video are just a few ways for Emily to display her love for the job. Emily loves to work in groups and teams when cohesive work of accomplished and creative people is required in order to make exceptional productions.



  • Height 5'7"
  • Bust 32"
  • Waist 25"